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Pricechecker: FAQ

What does Pricechecker do?

Pricechecker helps businesses compare price and stock availability of products with their desired competitors to make smarter sales decisions.

How is Pricechecker beneficial?

You get all the information related to your product under one roof with ease. It can be competitor price, stock availability, price of the product in different regions etc. To the client's benefit, our team makes it possible to update the price daily.

How do I register on Pricechecker?

To register on Pricechecker, you can get in touch with us via the contact form, or you can request to book a demo. Once the request is received, our Pricechecker team would get in touch with you to the earliest.

Requirements to set up the account?

The information needed to set up an account with us are :

How many users can be added?

Based on client's requirement, any number of users can be added to the application. With our application, the client acts as a super admin and can also restrict user's privileges according to the user role.

Where can I compare the products?

While registering with us, the client would be provided with the login details and the URL to access the tool. Based on the user role, the URL of the tool would be changed accordingly based on the client's requirements.

How do you compare products?

Most of the information is automated, while others need some manual work to be done. The team works hard in getting the information manually to provide accurate information to the client related to competitor price and products availability.

Can new features be added to the tool after initial registration?

Absolutely! You can add new features whenever you want. Contact the Pricechecker team via support, mail or contact form to get in touch for better assistance.

How many regions and competitors can be added?

The minimum number of competitors and region is one while the maximum number has no restrictions.

Can I add new competitors in between?

Yes, you can add new competitors at any time in your membership period.

Can you compare competitors across regions?

Yes, it is possible to compare the competitors across regions for available products in

Are the Reports Downloadable?

Yes. To analyse the company performance, offline, you can download the report.

Are the reports customizable?

No. As Pricechecker crawls your competitor on a daily basis, the report cannot be customizable and the downloaded report will consist data of the particular date on which the report was downloaded.

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