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Smartfeed: FAQ

What is Smartfeed?

Smartfeed is the best feed management tool available in the ecommerce market. It helps online retailers in feed creation and optimisation according to different marketing platforms guidelines like Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing and much more.

How is Smartfeed beneficial?

Smartfeed as an application has made it easy for online retailers to optimise their feeds according to different marketing channel guidelines.

We provide recommendations apart from the marketing channels guidelines to make your feed more effective.

How do I register on Smartfeed?

Reach us via the contact form or by clicking “ Book a demo”, fill the required details and our Smartfeed team will contact you soon.

Requirements to set up the account?

The information needed to set up an account with us is:

Once the registration is completed, the client is provided with the user name and password with which he needs to create his shop in Smartfeed.

What is required to create a shop?

Requisites to create a shop are:

There are many ways in which you can import product feed.

It can be any Ecommerce platforms as stated above and can be, imported via FTP, an XML file, CSV file or any specified URL.

How many users can be created in Smartfeed?

Based on the subscription plan, the client will have the privilege of creating users.

The client can even restrict the permission levels of a particular user according to their role.

Are the reports downloadable?

Yes, the client can download reports to check the company's performance.

Are the reports customizable?

Yes, the reports can be customized according to the client needs.

What are the reports available?

In general, the reports available are:

Is support provided?

Yes, we provide 24/7 support via email.

Do you provide onboard training?

Yes, onboard training is provided to the client once they register with Smartfeed.

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Smartfeed is the leading SaaS solution for automated Shopping ad campaign management and feed optimisation.

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