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Monitor differentiated price increases with real time data


Easy product optimization

Perform mass data edits with our easy-to-use interface, and tweak your feed so your products appear higher in Shopping results. Pure control equals pure confidence.

Improving rank

Our validation engine not only detects faults on attributes, it also suggests how to improve them in accordance with Google Merchant Attributes. Smartfeed’s suggestions will help to improve your data feed quality, which will lower the CPC in AdWords, and will result in increased traffic.

Smart titles

Make mass changes to your product titles quickly and efficiently, based on the attributes of your products. This will help you appear against popular search terms at the lowest possible cost.

Creating custom labels

You can create custom labels to subdivide products to use them later for campaign purposes. The labels can also be used afterwards to generate reports and for bidding purposes in a Google Shopping Campaign.

Instant price and stock updates

Update your product prices and stock faster than any other feed provider. Stop losing money by paying for ad clicks on out-of-stock products.

A/B testing

Use different versions of products to see which consumers prefer.

Market trends

Be informed of which products are trending in the market and make better bidding decisions to stay ahead of your competitors.

Creating promotional feeds

If you are planning to include offers on your domain, Smartfeed allows you to create a promotional feed as a built-in feature without any hassle. You can either expand to all, or make it a a product-specific promotion.

Competitor bidding

Be the first to know about key changes, so you can make better optimisations to your feed, allowing you upweight when you have the advantage.

Category mapping

The available product categories in your ecommerce platform can be mapped with ease to Google shopping categories. Simply type a few words into Google to search for the available categories.

Bulk data editor

The data editor in Smartfeed lets you edit the data right from the website. You can edit the data in bulk by selecting a number of products in one go.

Generating data feed automatically

Smartfeed connects easily and starts to import all of your products. The best thing is- the software already has common attributes created, so there is no need to create additional complicated mapping.

Staying on top of the competition is easy with price-checker. Deeper pricing intelligence gives you the edge against top rivals.

Smartfeed is the leading SaaS solution for automated Shopping ad campaign management and feed optimisation.

Accurately measure page speed, checkout performance, conversion rates of your ads, etc. Generate custom performance reports.

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