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Multichannel product visibility with smartfeed

Multichannel product visibility with

Are you worried about selling your products online? Not sure what platforms you should sell on? Confused about the feed generation specification according to different channels?

We’ve got you covered. With Smartfeed’s seamless marketing channel integrations, you will be in a position to sell your products online with maximum confidence and use your ad spend effectively.

Get seen on more channels

Build feeds with 100% accuracy that meet all the requirements. Seamlessly create new shopping feeds in all available countries. Export to unlimited shopping and marketing destinations.

Marketplace Management

With the significant rise in online shopping channels, Smartfeed puts you at ease with easy integration with all major online marketing channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing etc. At the very least, Smartfeed acts as a mediator between the online retailer’s platform and it’s integration with shopping channels.

Stay on top of your products

Ensure your products adhere to the latest specifications and requirements so that your Shopping Ads are not disapproved. The better your product data, the better your visibility and, in turn, the better your performance.

Staying on top of the competition is easy with price-checker. Deeper pricing intelligence gives you the edge against top rivals.

Smartfeed is the leading SaaS solution for automated Shopping ad campaign management and feed optimisation.

Accurately measure page speed, checkout performance, conversion rates of your ads, etc. Generate custom performance reports.

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