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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy explains how Moonbow Media Limited uses cookies and similar technologies when entering our website (moonbow.co). It also explains what these cookies are and why we use them.

What are cookies?

A small file, generated with a set of characters, sent to your operating system when you visit any website. When you visit again, the cookies allow the website to recognise your web browser as a returning user (unless you clear your cache!).

Cookies store user preferences (what you choose to share) and other information.

"First-party cookies" are related to the website you are currently surfing (in this case, Moonbow). "Third-party cookies" are used by other websites that offer features or functionality on or through the current website (e.g. like analytics and advertising). Third-party cookies recognise your web browser when you visit other websites which use the same cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

Both first-party and third-party cookies are collected for various reasons. Some cookies that are termed as "essential" are required to operate our website smoothly according to user preferences.

Other cookies used are to track or target user interest and enhance the experience on our website. In this case, Moonbow will track a user journey on the pages visited, within the website, to check which part of the website is most popular or most liked. This will help Moonbow determine people's interest and deliver unique content and new promotions within the website.

Cookies: Types and how we use them

Specific first-party and third-party web cookies served on our websites are listed below:

Third party cookies and target advertising?

Some third-party cookies on our website collect data to show you related advertisements based on your interest when visiting our website, or any other websites in connection to these cookies.

Information collected by third-party cookies does not disclose your name or contact details unless you provide intentionally.

How often do we update our Cookie Policy?

We update our policy from time-to-time and let the user know about the changes taking place. We inform the user via email or in-website notification before and after the changes by posting them on this page.

Please visit our cookie policy page regularly to stay updated on what cookies and other technologies we use.

Where can you get further information?

If you have any questions related to cookies or other technologies, then please reach out to support@moonbow.co.