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E-commerce marketing. Solved.

Grow faster with the world's first AdTech platform
for E-commerce — an integrated suite of data-fueled performance and merchandising solutions.

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Our smart marketing suite enables over 1,000 international businesses to operate at maximum capacity while saving on operational costs

Competitive edge in the price-driven retail market.

Shopping Ads sell over 6.3bn products annually.

Custom-tailored solution for digital reporting.






ad costs



Real-time inventory updates
Product-level analysis
Marked trend alerts


Price-stock-promo tracking
Detailed pricing history
Custom real-time alerts


Automated KPI analysis
All data sources supported
Data visualisation


moonbow is your marketing technology partner

We are a specialist performance agency. As your technology partner, moonbow solves common problems in the e-commerce market and gives you the tools to stand above the rest. We pride ourselves on hard work and dedication.

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Our values


We foster a healthy workplace culture by ensuring individual wellbeing alongside shared company goals.


Industry-leading marketing campaigns and sophisticated technology implementations for over 15 years.


SaaS+ Ad:Tech solutions deliver web data specifically the way you require it at the sought recurrence via your favoured delivery channel.

Meet the team that makes it happen

Our team has a global presence with offices in London and Chennai

Get to know us

Free onboarding and stellar support.

We are committed to helping our customers succeed online and never falling behind competitors. Our team helps develop a systematic approach to price and stock monitoring. This results in faster, more effective pricing decision-making.

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Shopping Campaign Bidding Revealed

Once you've organised your ad groups, you're ready to start thinking about bidding on product ads. Remember, product ads are generated by your feed data so you don't need to write any ads directly in AdWords.

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Subscribe to our newsletter to get the freshest e-commerce news delivered to your inbox!