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What is Product feed specification?

by Joanna Foyle on 12 Aug 2020
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What is Product feed specification?

Organising your product feed is now more straightforward with the involvement of product feed specifications. This enables the shopping channel to show the right search results by carrying out the right requirements. This, in turn, aids in providing better service to the customers.

Some shopping channels that use product feed specifications are


You can upload the product feed into any of these platforms. Thus, you are destined to get more sales. Each field of the product feed is specially designed, and the nature of data that goes in is predetermined. 

Product Feed Specification requirements

There are general requirements of the product feed that is common to most platforms, although the exact requirements vary. Some of these are mentioned below.

However, there are other additional specifications required for your product feed. These include colour, age group, gender, size, etc. But these are applicable for certain categories like clothing products.

Significance of Product feed specifications

There are many benefits to using the product feed specifications:

Retailer benefits:

Product feed specifications are very beneficial to businesses as they improve your product’s visibility. Whenever a user searches for any product in Google shopping, it is through the product feed specifications that Google finds the match and displays it to the user. Thus, it is evident that if you have filled in your product feed specification correctly, there are high chances that your sales increase.

Customer benefits:

A well-organised and updated product feed specification enables the customer to get the most relevant and accurate search results when they browse for different commodities in Google shopping. Thus, these offer chances for them to identify the right product, compare different available products, and enable them to get the best deal possible.

Shopping channel benefits:

Once the user’s get the right and accurate search results with the aid of a proper product feed specification, the user’s are served better by the channel. Thus, the channel’s brand loyalty gets enhanced. Also, as the sales increase, the revenue of the channel increases proportionately.

Utilising product feed specifications

If you are running a business, it is difficult to adhere strictly to the product feed specifications. This is where a data feed management tool can help you out. It aids you in the creation of the data feed by complying with all the requirements.