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How do you create Product Listing Ads?

by Joanna Foyle on 17 Aug 2021
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How do you create Product Listing Ads?

There are specific requirements predefined by Google to generate Product listing ads . So, the initial step is that you ensure that your products and businesses meet these criteria. Once you have got it right and you have a data feed and Google Merchant centre, the next thing to decide is the setting up of your listing ads.


People often find this a lengthy procedure. To ease things out, Google has made enough settings in the Google merchant centre that lets the advertiser set up this effortlessly within a short period. To enhance the output, rely on Google Ads to ensure success.

Creating Product Listing Ads

Follow the steps detailed and create your product listing ad:

The first step is to link your accounts. Which of these have to be connected? The one in the Google Merchant Center and the one in Google Ads has to be connected. For this, go to the settings in the Google Merchant Center and then click on Ads.

Visit Google Ads and login to your account. Click on the ‘campaigns’ tab and select ‘+ New campaign.’ It is to be noted here that your campaign should not be any search campaign’s part and is a specific campaign as such. This lets you enjoy more control over the ads.

Give a proper name to your campaign and define the attributes asked for such as location, ad schedule, etc. You must then click on create your ad group.

Type a suitable name for your ad group. Being descriptive can help you at later stages in recognizing the product group at once. Do go for a minimum stable id.

While undertaking a shopping campaign, targeting strategies is of paramount importance. Depending on your goals, industry, etc., the approach that will work for you varies. So, make sure that you filter out the best possible consistent with your product, industry, and so on. Typically, targets are set depending on the following factors.

Another means of increasing the ROI of your shopping campaign is by aiming your bestsellers.

Finally, you will have to search for means that will help in the Google Shopping Campaign optimization. Even the slightest changes matter as they can lead to displaying your product at the right time to the right consumers.