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Google Shopping Actions Program

by Joanna Foyle on 25 Feb 2020
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Google Shopping Actions Program

The e-commerce industry is growing at a brisk pace. It has become essential for retailers to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends to improve sales for the business. Google is making retailers use technology and reach the customers in every nook and cranny of the world.


One of the popular programs that Google started is the Google shopping actions program. This is a win-win for both the retailers and the customers. The retailers are using this program to reach customers, and customers are using this program to purchase items in a new way.

What is Google Shopping Actions?

A shopping program, which gives an excellent opportunity to retailers, showcasing their products on various Google platforms such as Google Assistant, Google.com, and Express.

Setting a new path for online shopping that enables the shoppers to take action on buying a product at their convenient time in a day.

When you enroll for this program, Google showcases your ads on the internet-connected devices of the users in their purchase journey which makes shopping experience incredible and allows the customers to make the right decision. If customers like the product, they can simply assign Google Assistant to add the product into the cart and checkout. This process has made shopping simple and easy for shoppers.

For instance, when a customer searches for the best mobile cases, the ads related to the mobile cases are shown to the customer. If they do not make a purchase and realize that they want to buy it, they can directly use Google Assistant. This will show the ads that were displayed before. The customer can pass a voice command to the Assistant to add the product to the cart.

How will Google Shopping actions work?

Google shopping actions will take many factors that are considered by the buyer to take the desired action. For instance,

This program is based on the cost per sale model where the retailers can pay when the order is placed, and customers can add the items from different retailers to their cart and make payment to all in a single transaction. This is beneficial for both customers and retailers.

Benefits of Google Shopping actions program to a retailer

The best part of this program is that retailers have to pay only when the customers complete the buying process. This is highly beneficial over the cost per click and cost per impression models since, in these models, the retailer has to pay Google for every click on the ad, be it the customer buys the product or not.

Support multiple platforms:

This allows you to showcase your products in the form of ads to customers wherever they are. You can show the ads on Google Assistant, Express, and search. This gives maximum exposure for your brand to the right people at the right time.

Gain loyalty of customers :

Retailers can showcase the ads that are appropriate to the user based on the previous purchases. Google traces out your previous purchases and show the ads similar to those products. These ads work wonders, especially for the products that are purchased every month (cosmetics, apparels, dietary supplements, etc.). With just a click, the customers can reorder and make the payment. This improves the purchasing process and helps the retailers to improve sales.

Boost brand reputation :

This becomes easier for you to grab the attention of customers to a new brand using this program. This program gives an excellent opportunity for the brands that have hit the market in recent times to gain maximum visibility on Google. When the ads appear again, it catches the eye of the customers. This also helps them to remember your brand when your ad is featured along with the other top brands.

How to manage Google shopping actions?

If you feel more time is invested to manage the Google shopping actions program and you are unable to make important business decisions, you can always trust our moonbow experts who can handle your account meticulously. You can set up and manage the Google shopping actions program on the Google merchant center. You can also check the inventory information and download invoices for the commission that you have to pay Google.

Availability of Google Shopping actions program

This program is currently available only to a few selected retailers who are operating physical stores and warehouses. These stores and warehouses are located in the US and France. To try out this program, you must express your interest to Google. You also have to specify the data quality role. The success of this program can be attained when you have quality product information.

If you are selected to be a part of this program, Google will send the policies. However, after applying for this program, it is recommended to get acquainted with the policies. This allows you to use this program with ease.

If you are selected as a retailer and want to be a top shopping action retailer, there are various factors that Google will consider. These factors are verified to check retailer standards. These standards also measure the performance of the retailer and identify the areas of improvement.

You will receive ratings for the performance in the last three months. You can attain the top retailer position if the defect rate is less than 2%. If the defect rate is above 10%, then the retailer will be marked as below standard retailer.

How Smartfeed can help?

Smart feed is a feed optimisation tool that helps brand and retailers by optimising their product data feed according to different marketing channels like Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook and sells their products online.

We have a strong and positive experience of handling client’s marketing strategy and boosting their online performance to reach maximum profits in their niche.