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What are Product Listing Ads?

by Joanna Foyle on 16 Apr 2020
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What are Product Listing Ads?

Many online businesses are using Product Listing Ads to promote their products and reach global audiences.


The Product Listing Ads will require detailed information about the product. The information on this ad is substantial compared to the information on the standard text ads. The data that is displayed on the ad is fetched from the product feed. These ads are also known as shopping ads that appear on Google Shopping, Google Image search and Google Search Partner network when users look for products similar to yours.

The product listing ads can also be showcased on different channels. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook call the Product Listed Ads ‘dynamic product ads’.

Ads are Data feed driven

The heart of Product Listing Ads in Google comes from the information in a data feed. You must upload the data feed to Google, and then create the campaign. Google will showcase the ads to the target audience based on the content you have fed. For example, Google will check the search term of the user and display the results if it matches with the user keyword. The search term is what decides on which all products must be displayed on the product listing ads.

Enhance user experience

The best part of Product Listing Ads is that the user will get the price and image of the product. The user can also view the reviews given by the customers for their products. It is easy to notice the difference between a standard ad on Google and Product Listing Ads on the search results. When you search for a sports shoe, it displays both the standard ads and Product Listing Ads. One thing that grabs the attention of users in Product Listing Ads are the images and prices that are shown on the right side of Google search results.

Steps to create a Product Listing Ads

The way keywords are used in Product Listing Ads are different when compared to the standard text ads. For a standard text ad, you must list all the keywords in which you want to compete when you are creating a campaign.

It is not advisable to do the same when you are creating a Product Listing Ad. Google will match the query of the user with the information that is on the product data feed. However, you must embed the keywords in the data feed, especially in the product title and description of the product field. However, you do not have to list the keywords when you are creating a campaign.

Here is the step-by-step guide for creating a product listing ad:

Advantages of Product Listing Ads

A few of the benefits of using Product Listing Ads include:

Similar to other ads, even Product Listing Ad campaigns have a huge competition in the auction. The competition depends on the product you are selling.