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What are Product Variants?

by Joanna Foyle on 10 Feb 2021
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What are Product Variants?

When you are shopping for a product online, you will notice the same product in different colours and sizes, materials, and in different price ranges. The options that you have for the product are called the variants.


Define product variants

Product variants are products that will have unique identifiers such as colour, price, and size, and so on. Every variant depends on the product definition.

How to manage sales and inventory of a specific product

A product variant is the one that allows the businesses to find out how many variants of the products are available with them. For instance, if you are selling t-shirts and the t-shirt is available in four different colours and five different sizes, then the variations of the t-shirt that are available with you are 20 for the same product.

You will have 20 products in the inventory, and it becomes easy for the company to manage the sales of the product that varies in colour, size, or material with ease.

How product variants help you?

It gives the number of red t-shirts, blue t-shirts and black t-shirts that are available for you.

How are product variants helpful for eCommerce stores?

Product variations will reduce the efforts of eCommerce website owners in managing their sites. This boosts the user experience and conversions.