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What is Google Ads?

by Joanna Foyle on 23 Mar 2021
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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a service provided by Google for advertising. Using this service, one can generate ads that can be shown in different platforms owned by Google. It can be even displayed in other networks that share a partnership with the Google search engine.


The pages of the search result in Google are one of the significant places where you see the ads of the Adwords. The pricing policy adopted by Ads is a PPC (pay-per-click) model. Hence, the advertiser has to pay only when somebody clicks on their ads. PPC is the most commonly adopted pricing model though there are some others like CPM where the advertiser has to pay a specific amount for every one thousand ad impressions.

Despite the pricing model that is adopted, you are free to set the daily budget, and hence you decide the shopping campaign cost. Thus, you can control the total amount you have to pay with the arrival of these budgeting and pricing options.

Ad types

Though there are many types of ads, the most popular and common one is text ads. The Google pages that come up as search results is where such ads are mainly displayed. These are also shown in other locations like Google shopping, Google image search, Google search partner network. There is a product feed data that you have to upload to Google for advertising. It is from this product feed details given that Google attains the information for displaying on the ads. You may also upload product images and other information like the price for making them as these can have more significant impacts than text ads.

The Google search Partner network is a platform that combines numerous Google websites and other websites, which gives space to display ads. Thus, the advertisers can get access to a broader audience, thereby increasing the chances of more number of purchases.

Another marketing strategy that you can take through Ads is remarketing ad campaigns. Through this, your ads are shown to those people who dropped on your website previously.

Working of Google Adwords

There are specific keywords that browsers use while surfing through the internet. It is these keywords that the Ads focus on. Once a person searches using a particular keyword, there might be many of the ads that constitute the specific Keyword. To segregate some of them out of the many, Google carries out a competitive auction.

Working of the Competitive auction

Far more than the number of display slots available will be the advertisers, for a specific keyword. Thus, there is a task of determining which all has to appear before the user and organizing their order. To decide upon this, Google uses the technique of a competitive auction. This competitive auction mainly focuses on three main ad features of yours.

Each of these features can be looked at in detail in the following excerpts.


Most ad campaigns that are conducted by Google Ads focus mainly on this feature- the Keyword. You must get your Keyword accurate, otherwise, you will not attain the potential return on your investment.

If ever you get your keywords wrong, that can burden your pockets. How can this happen? If a customer searches for those keywords that you have mistakenly given and your ad pops up, once he/she clicks on it, then you have to pay for the commercial, though the customer is not a potential buyer of your product, thereby leaving you at a loss.

It is also to be noted here that selecting the apt keywords will not satisfy all. Remarketing campaigns are instances where the existence of right and appropriate keywords will not help.

Quality score

For every Keyword that you focus, Google will award your ad a score, termed as quality score. Greater the relevance and usefulness of your ad as per the Google, more will your quality score. So, if you have a good score, it means that your ad has a higher probability of being displayed at better platforms.


You have to pay a specific sum for every click on your ad. This is termed as Bid.

Using Adwords

Adwords offer you reach to a broader audience based on your industry, intended audience, and your goals.