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What is Product Feed Optimisation?

by Joanna Foyle on 21 Apr 2020
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What is Product Feed Optimisation?

When you are showcasing any shopping campaign to promote your products to the global audience, you need to optimise the product feed. When the product feed is optimised, it helps Google to showcase the ads at the right place and to the potential audience. If the product is appropriate to the search term of the user, Google will showcase the ads on top of the search engine results page. This increases the visibility of the product. Moreover, many users will click on the product and land on your website to make purchases. If you want to optimise the product feed, you must make sure that the data fields are populated. The advertisers must focus mainly on the key elements on the feed.


The essential elements that are at the heart of the product feed:


You must use an appealing title to grab the attention of a potential audience to click on the Ad. It should be precise and provoking. Google will show only 25, 50, and 64 characters from the title. You must structure the title in a way that important information is available to the users to see. For example, if you are selling clothing, you must structure the title by including brand, gender, product type, colour, material used, and size.


Title and description must be clear and easy for the users to understand what you are trying to convey. When you improve the description, it improves the ranking of the product. When a user searches for the keyword similar to your product, your ad will appear first.


The category must not go beyond the category in the Google taxonomy. You must put the product under the appropriate category so that it becomes easy for the users to navigate and find the product. They do not need to put much effort.


The first thing that catches the eye of the audience is the image of the product. You must use a high-resolution image. It helps you get more clicks and a high conversion rate.


You must set a competitive price for the product. You can keep on changing the price of the product to make sure that it is giving a competitive edge. There are a few tools that are available for you to see the price of competitors and then set prices for your products, such as Moonbow’s Pricechecker.


Global Trade Item Number is a unique number that is given to the product and is essential when retailing. Google will make use of this number to showcase your products in the product listing ads alongside the other seller products.

These are the few elements you must keep in mind to improve the shopping campaigns and optimise the product feed.