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Google Merchant Center

by Joanna Foyle on 11 Jun 2021
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Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is the place where the product data of various companies is uploaded. When you upload the product information on this center, it appears on Google shopping and Google eCommerce properties. The products that appear on the left side of search results as ads are uploaded from Google Merchant Center. You can also upload the eCommerce store-related details.


The product listing is easy to maintain on Google Merchant Center. The products that you list on Merchant center will appear on Google search engine results. These ads are shown before the organic search results. The product listing ads will make the products visible on Google.

Google shopping will allow consumers to search for the products and make a comparison. It gives directions to the users on where to buy the product and at what price. This is a customised search engine that is different from Google main search pages. Whenever a user searches with the keyword that is related to your product, the ad related to your product appears on the product ads. These are the ads that are in addition to the text ads and organic search results.

It is the best way for sellers to use google shopping to showcase their ads and reach a wider audience. You can use the Google Merchant center and Google shopping to boost sales by grabbing the attention of users to your site.

Google product ads work similarly to that of the pay per click ads by appearing on the Google search engine results page. It increases the visibility of your ads. You will pay for the ads to appear on the top position on the search engine results page. If your product ads are visible to the users, you will get more clicks.

You can only access the Google Merchant center through your Google account. If you already have a Google account, you can use this to access Google Merchant center. Once you land on this website, you must update the information about your eCommerce store. You need to make sure that your product feeds are adhering to the Google feed requirements.

There are a few attributes you must include for the product that you are uploading to the product data feed. These attributes include ID, title, link to the product that is on your site, price of the product, image link of the product and description of the product.

When the feed is ready, you can submit the information on Google Merchant Center. You need to submit the data feed every month. You must keep on updating the feed if the product information or price information keeps on changing. The information that you change may be adding new products, removing existing products, change the price of the products, delete the out of stock items, and so on. You must update the feed four times a day.

A few of the benefits that are offered by Google Merchant centre include:

When there is no Google Merchant center, you can’t make the ads appear on Google shopping. You can’t create an ad without uploading the product data feed. If you are selling products to the end-users, the Google Merchant center is the best tool. It is acting as a critical part of the digital marketing strategy. The Merchant center would give promising results for your business.