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What is Google Product Category?

by Joanna Foyle on 27 May 2021
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What is Google Product Category?

Amongst the many categories in the Google taxonomy list, it is vital to choose the most suitable type for your product. This attribute is called the Google Product Category. This attribute aims to direct potential customers to a particular product. So, it is important to select the right category for your product.


When is the Google Product Category required?

There are certain products whose advertising potential can be enhanced with Google Product categories, such as Software, Media, and Clothing. For other products, you need not necessarily use this data feed attribute. Although it may not be vital, it is helpful to accommodate this data into your product feed. By getting your category right, you have a better chance of securing expected and actual CTR (Click-through-Rate) for your products. With this data included, you are destined to receive a higher return.

Sticking to the requirements

Following Google’s framework is vital both for getting your product approved in the Merchant Center and for displaying your product in relevant searches. Some of the minimum requirements to achieve this are detailed below:


Besides the minimum requirements, some other conditions can help your campaign performance much. These are detailed below.

Thus, it can be concluded that the attribute, Google product category is vital for certain products, while it is not that significant for some others. Though, it is still recommendable for these too.